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Op Ed: Domestic Violence Sports

Brutalizing women is becoming a vile sport for men who thrive on power, control and sadistic behaviors. It thrives on our fears, pride, neglect and SILENCE. It also thrives on a complacent  and inept system that victims rely on to protect and safeguard them and their families. The governor’s cabinet also turns complacent eyes to the bullying that festers in known departments.

Following are a few random DV cases that prove how domestic violence has no boundaries or borders. Most of these cases were witnessed by their young children.

Jonathan Fanene famous football player, removed as Dir. of YAWA charged with domestic assault. The brutality of using a broom handle, pipe and golf club on his wife was well covered by media 6/2019 and repeat DV assault 1/2020.

Jeffery Vaioa Tago a young 18 y/o elite gold medalist boxer, charged with restraint, kidnapping and vicious assault of a young female student on campus. 11/2019

Vataumalo, Tuli Togise who abused and terrorized his partner,  labeled as a dangerous abuser by the court was sentenced 10/29/2019 and ordered to depart the territory.

Ethan Mauga a fire fighter with long history of repeat assault on partner sentenced 1/2020. His assaults reduced to peace disturbance.

Ualesi Taumaoe sentenced 2/13/20 and ordered to depart the territory, for brutally punching and bashing his girlfriend’s face repeatedly against the vehicle dashboard.

3/23/20 Amosa Lautaimi admitting and charged of a horrific gruesome murder committed against his wife of 5 children. Assaulting her with a sledge hammer, gas can, then lighting her up to burn. She died the following day.

3/30/20 33-y/o man arrested and charged for allegedly assaulting his wife with his hands, a piece of wood, and an ‘ali’. His 7 y/o daughter call 911 for help for her mother.

Domestic violence begins with a nurtured thought until it is committed. It gains ground when an abusive or violent act is ignored, excused or accepted. These are open scenarios waiting for the victim to be permanently disfigured, disabled or murdered.

The justice system appears to have built an affinity with some habitual offenders in reducing and blanketing domestic and sexual crimes too reconciliation, forgiveness, peace disturbance, suspensions, conditional probation or dismissals. Then we have attorneys pushing the ‘first timer cards’. Every time a violent offender is allowed on his own recognizance, he is a smoldering weapon waiting for an opportunity to be discharged.

Are we doing enough to safeguard and protect victims when they seek assistance through DPS and DHSS? Are we as family members, friends, neighbors, church leaders, village chiefs and employers doing our part in reporting and ensuring that our civil servants are held accountable in performing their duties?

Call or name these behaviors and acts of violence whatever medical or mental health disease you want. These uninhibited displays of physical entitlement or ownership behaviors, through the brutal assaults against women will continue unless we put a stop to it. NO BODY has the right to abuse or violate a human being. There is NO EXCUSE. Let's use this time to gather up and encourage our families to have open and honest discussions on domestic violence and how to report.