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Beaten, tied and carried away, Samoa cops probe Savaii incident

Police Commissioner, Auapa'au Logoitino Filipo
Source: Samoa Observer

Lefagaoali'i Savaii, SAMOA — An elderly man from Lefagaoali'i in Savai'i was admitted to the hospital after he was allegedly beaten, tied to a stick and carried away from his place of residence by untitled men of the village who were executing an order from the matai of the village council.

The incident was confirmed by the Police Commissioner, Auapa'au Logoitino Filipo in response to queries from this newspaper on Saturday. 

A video of the incident was also circulated on social media platforms where the man is being carried away from his house.

According to Auapa'au, the incident was reported from the police in Savai'i and they are investigating the matter. 

"The information given to us was that the man was taken to the main hospital in Savai'i," Auapa'au said. 

"According to the statements provided by the villagers to the police, this man was banished by the village not once but twice. 

"The village council unanimously agreed to have the old man removed from the village. However, the man did not comply and insisted on staying in the village. 

"The second time the village met and asked him to leave, he didn't listen. 

"Therefore, according to our preliminary findings, the matai of the village instructed the untitled men of the village to remove the man and to punish him for refusing to accept the decision of the village council.

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