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Departing Miss Pacific Islands says — “Know your purpose in life”

Miss Pacific Islands Abigail Havora who will hand over her crown this Friday at the 30th Miss Pacific Islands Pageant in Samoa at Tuanaimato.  (Photo JL)

“Know your purpose in life,” was the message from Miss Pacific Islands, Abigail Havora to the eight contestants at the 30th Miss Pacific Islands Pageant. From Gabagaba, Papua New Guinea Abigail won the first Miss Pacific Island’s title after the name of the pageant was changed last year.

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Responding to Samoa News questions as to her journey, Abigail said it’s been fulfilling. “I’ve been afforded opportunities like never before since I was crowned and I served most of my term in my PNG, and I’ve been given a lot of opportunities to speak to various audiences, from children to government leaders.”

She was thankful for the support afforded to her during her reign. “I've been fortunate to have our PM (Prime Minister’s) wife as our local patron for the local pageant committee so she’s taken me to a lot of her events. It’s given me that exposure to meet not just my peers, but also meet with delegates of the highest level.  I've had opportunities to meet with government leaders and also to see how matters are dealt with at the highest level regarding a country’s governance.”

As an ambassador, Abigail said she visited Fiji, Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga for their local pageants and “I was able to witness their local pageants and how it’s done and in the process I've learned a lot of their culture because after all, I am a cultural Ambassador, I've learned culture and taken what I learned back home and the values I've learned and I have applied it in my life so that even though I am PNG I am Miss Pacific islands. The way I carry myself and the values that I hold dear (are those I remember when) I represent the region.”

Abigail said from her experience and her journey she has learned that beauty pageants are about representing your people, your country and your culture and while there are a lot of expectations and a lot of challenges, if you have what it takes to stand and represent your country nothing should stand in your way.

Miss Pacific Islands was asked what her message would be for the eight contestants and she said, “Know your purpose in life. My message for all the contestants to always stay true to purpose because purpose comes from God. If I gave you a spoon or a fork one hundred thousands years ago, would you know what it was for... obviously you wouldn't, you’d probably use it as a weapon, yet the original purpose is to eat with it... and it comes back to us, when we don't know our purpose we put ourselves to many things that were not supposed to be fulfilled, but if we know our purpose we will live meaningful lives, we impact others, that is my message — find your purpose, know why you were put on earth, because just by living out our purpose you impact other people’s lives and you’ll be the change that you wish to see in others and that’s how I live my life.”