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Fathers perform for mothers during Samoa's Mother's Day celebration

CCCS Fagalii celebrates with laughter
Source: Samoa Observer

Apia, SAMOA — While usually it's the kids and Sunday schools who perform on Mother's Day in Samoa, the Congregational Christian Church Samoa (CCCS) Fagalii, the faifeau Petaia Leapai, and the fathers of the church decided that this year it would be the fathers who would take the lead on Sunday with performances.

And the fathers did not disappoint when they took control of the proceedings after the pastor did his sermon as part of the Mother's Day celebration. When the falesa (church building) erupted with laughter from the congregation, it was obvious that the fathers had taken their performances to the next level.

The fathers of the Fagalii CCCS had opted for a show akin to a pageant, their costumes and wigs immediately catching the eye and setting off howls of laughter from the watching mothers and the rest of the church congregation.

It was the perfect icebreaker for a Mother's Day Sunday, which would normally be a solemn ceremony with the youth and the children leading, with their fathers taking a back seat with nods of approval.

It was the perfect recipe for a memorable Mother's Day celebration with the church's Pastor Leapai and faletua Tinei Leapai elated with the decision to let the fathers take the lead. It was a full house for the church at Fagalii.

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