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Samoa reports 4 murders in the weeks leading up to Christmas

Police Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo

Apia, SAMOA — In the weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday, four murders were recorded in neighboring Samoa, with one on Christmas day.

The Christmas day incident occurred in Faleula in the early morning hours when a man died in Faleula after he was assaulted

Police Commissioner Auapa’au Logoitino Filipo told Samoa News in a phone interview the incident in Faleula involved an old feud. Back in June the deceased was charged with attempted murder on the life of the accused.

Seven months later one of the men is now a victim of a vicious attack.

“It appears as if it’s revenge,” he said.

Police Commissioner Auapa’au said the men knew each other very well and they met up at a relative’s house, and both were under the influence of alcohol.

“They fought and the accused struck the victim on the head with a log, the victim fell down unconscious and the accused continued to punch him in the face.

The 20-year-old has since been charged with murder and is in the custody of police to await his criminal mention before the Supreme Court next month.

The day before Christmas a former police officer, Edward Fanueli who allegedly shot his partner, female cop Mele Lapana, has been charged with murder.

He was remanded into the custody of police to await his initial appearance before the Supreme Court next month.

The charge was confirmed by Police Commissioner Auapa’au.l He said the incident occurred in Aleisa.

“The woman who was off duty was allegedly shot by her partner with a pistol.”

He said the suspect is under the custody of police.

“This is another sad case of domestic violence that turned deadly. The victim was off duty when the incident occurred and she worked for the Ministry for over four years,” he said.

Auapa’au also confirmed the pistol used has been “recovered” and is now in the custody of police, admitted as evidence.

Last week an incident occurred in Savaii, where a man threw a rock that landed on his brother-in-law’s chest, and the victim died due to internal bleeding.

That incident according to the Police Commissioner happened in Sala’ilua Savaii.

The man is now in custody and is charged with murder. Furthermore, a Palisi man has been charged with murder in the beating death of his 12-year old son.

Auapa’au said the man assaulted his son with a broom stick and the 12-year old child died due to the severity of injuries.

He also used the opportunity to remind parents that disciplining children out of anger does not lead to anything good, he urged parents to walk away when you’re upset.

According to the Commissioner this unfortunate incident has taken the life of a young child and all due to lack of control over one’s self, therefore try to use self control when you’re angry, because disciplining your son when your angry leads to such incidents.