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ASHSAA JV Action: Warriors edge Vikings out, Sharks blow out Lions

Georgia Mageo of the Vikings taking this one towards the end zone, just after receiving a pass from his quarterback – Mageo helping the Vikings, despite their 18- 14 loss against the Warriors last Friday evening. The clock was not their friend! [photo: TG]Tafuna Warriors offensive line setting up against the Vikings defense — in the first half of the Junior Varsity match up last Friday evening. Tafuna won the game 18- 14. [photo: TG]Anthony Feala of the Sharks has proven to be one of the most threatening quarterbacks in the Junior Varsity Division, after a remarkable performance in their 38-point victory against the Lions last Saturday morning. [photo: TG]

The opening Junior Varsity game for Week 8 of the American Samoa High School Athletic Association Football League played last Friday evening, between the Warriors and the Vikings saw the Tafuna Warriors continue to take the top of the pile —although there was a near upset — with a Vikings comeback stopped short by the game clock.

For the second game of last Saturday’s triple header, Anthony Feala — Samoana’s JV quarterback was on fire along with his offense, as he led the Sharks to a 38 blow out victory, as the Lions suffered a severe loss, and Samoana continues its winning streak into the play-offs.


Samoan’s JV offense is clearly ASHSAA’s most threatening air raid team in the league, as they’ve managed to showcase it in their past few games – especially last Saturday’s punishment of the Lions where Feala led Samoana to a 32 point lead going into half time.

It all started with a Lewis Jr. Malala touchdown when Leone was focused on Samoana’s air attack – the Sharks opened up with the ground game, only to set up their passing attack. After Malala converted for six on the ground, Feala started to feed the ball to his receivers one by one.

Still in the first quarter, a quick slant pass to Jurgen Krusen, who spun out of Antwan Leggets tackle and turned up field for a 90-yard touchdown.

As the match went on, the Lions kept jumping off-sides on Samoana’s hard count — giving away more yardage to the already unstoppable Sharks offense, with Feala continuing to extend their lead on great executed passing plays to Krusen, Pati, and Paul Fano.         

Leone didn’t put up much of a fight until the second half of play – where they started making stops and holding the Sharks vicious passing attack short of conversions.

Late in the closing half of the game, and Feala decided to punch in six more points for the Sharks as they closed this one off with a 38 shutout victory against Leone.


The Vikings gave the Warriors a run for their win in the opening half of the match, as the Vikes nearly shut out the Warriors, but with the strong arm behind Minute Faitasi, Tafuna was able to capitalize in the passing game, leading to their first six points in the opening half against the Vikings.

They went into half time with the Warriors ahead by only six.

Head Coach Sua’ese Pooch Ta’ase assured his young Vikings that the blame for their loss last Friday evening, was on him – after being stuck in the campaign traffic in town, Ta’ase was again slowed down in Nu’uuli’s White Sunday shopping traffic — arriving at the ball game nearly towards halftime of the match.

With Ta’ase at the helm in the second half of play, the Vikings finally got things on the move, as Georgia Mageo and Heini Ta’ase brought the Vikes back to life with the non-stop option attack – the strategy that brought them back to trail by only two points.

But with the clock against them, the Vikes didn’t have the time to come back after Norman Heather and the Warriors defense stopped Ta’ase’s JV team short.