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Stephanie Floor back in the ring after injury

Stephanie Floor with her arm upraised after wrestling victory

GANNON UNIVERSITY — Last Friday, Stephanie won her first match of the year with a 10-2 victory over Miffin University's Daisey Shardy at 143lbs, according Stephanie’s father, Carl Floor Sr. Stephanie has earned a starting position on the Gannon University women's wrestling team and is back in the ring after 3 months of rehabilitation for an injured ankle she sustained just after the 2019 Oceania Championships in August, at wrestling practice.

Stephanie’s performance helped secure Gannon's 29-13 win. The school now improves to a 4-0 record.

According to Gannon University, the wrestling team will be traveling to Louisville, Kentucky on January 10th to compete in the NWCA — National College Wrestling Association — National Duels.

In March this year, Stephanie was named Most Improved Wrestler and along with her twin sister Danielle, have been recognized as NCAA All-American Scholar Athletes. Both girls attend Gannon University on wrestling scholarships.