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The Tank Guy presents a simple solution at Climate Resilience summit

This photo provided by the Tank Guy Pago Pago shows participants on the Feb. 7 conclusion of the three-day American Samoa Resilience Summit to enhance ‘Climate Resilience’.

Pago Pago, AMERICAN SAMOA — The Tank Guy Pago Pago Inc. presented a simple solution at the three-day American Samoa Resilience Summit to enhance ‘Climate Resilience’; the implementation and installation of water tanks and water harvesting systems.

Established in American Samoa since August 2018, the company is making waves with its quick response to ongoing flooding and water supply challenges.

Village mayors who were in attendance at the summit expressed serious concerns about flooding and the lack of consistent water supply in their villages including: Fagaima, Fagaalu, Aoloau, Nu’uuli and Aunu’u, according to a Tank Guy Pago Pago news release.

The company presented some insights of natural disasters, where water supply is essential to help with climate change challenges. Water tanks were presented as one of the best and most cost effective existing solutions to concerns presented by the local community.

According to Tank Guy Pago Pago, problems with flooded areas could be resolved with water tank storage and the implementation of water-harvesting-water-tank systems to mitigate the impact of heavy rainfall in certain villages. It was mentioned that water tanks can also be a solution to the territory where water supply is difficult and sometimes short.

“Water tanks are equally crucial as a back up supply for families and villages in times of disaster when mainstream power and water outages are inevitable,” the company said, adding that it was privileged to collaborate with the American Samoa Environment Protection Agency (AS-EPA).

The company emphasizes the benefits of their water tanks being exclusively manufactured locally in their very own factory with anti-mold technology and a 20-year warranty. For a free assessment and consultation on water supply solutions, call Tank Guy Pago Pago at 699 2645 or email