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Participants at the camp posing for a group photo
Youth members of the Samoa Independent Seventh Day Adventist Church-American Samoa (SISDAC-American Samoa), posed for a photo last week during the Youth Camp at the church’s compound at Ottoville. [ata: Leua Aiono Frost]
MV Nafanua
The Samoa government police vessel, MV Nafanua, docking yesterday morning at the inter-island dock. Port officials say that the vessel was carrying out an “emergency” supply run to pick up tanks of oxygen for the hospital in Samoa. No additional information was available at press time. ASG...
Sam Purkis dives near a hawksbill turtle
Miami, FLORIDA — The Chagos Archipelago is one of the most remote, seemingly idyllic places on Earth. Coconut-covered sandy beaches with incredible bird life rim tropical islands in the Indian Ocean, hundreds of miles from any continent. Just below the waves, coral reefs stretch for miles along an...
ASG leaders including Gov and Lt Gov
Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga (third from left) with ASG leaders at the head-table during the ava ceremony last Friday before the official Manu’a Cession Day ceremony got underway at Malaetele on Ta’u Island, Manu’a. [photo: Leua Aiono Frost]
Line of travels at Safe Travel desk
When American Samoa reopens its borders, possibly in August with Hawaiian Airlines renewing services, passengers may have to pass through the Safe Travels program with a completed online health form. Seen here at the United Airlines Terminal 7 Service Counter on Thursday, July 15, 2021 are...
Man holding fish
O se tasi o le au faifaiva i Manu’a ma le ‘ia sa maua i le Manu’a Flag Day Fishing tournament i le aso Lulu. [ata: Leua Aiono Frost]
Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources staff weighing and measuring fish
Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources staff weighing and measuring fish caught on Wednesday during day-one of the Manu’a Flag Day Offshore Fishing Tournament on Ta’u Island. [photo: Leua Aiono Frost]
Saipan firefighters at Honolulu airport
CNMI Saipan firefighters transited through Daniel K Inouye International Airport Wednesday, July 14, 2021, to help relieve overwhelmed Northern California fighters.  The firefighters indicated they were proud of their assistance in their special relationship to the USA.  [photo by Barry Markowitz]
Land Grant staff
Le aumalaga lea a le Land Grant mai le Kolisi Tuufa’atasi o Amerika Samoa i le malaga a le MV Manu’atele III i le po o le aso Gafua agai atu i Manu’a. [ata: Leua Aiono Frost]
Kim Kardashian
Phoenix, ARIZONA — Fashion companies are increasingly being taken to task for selling expensive versions of traditional Indigenous dress. Gucci’s kaftans came with a $3,500 price tag, which is far more than the $10 that Indians pay for a very similar-looking traditional kurta. Louis Vuitton’s $700...