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Former Budget Director nominated to head Administrative Services

The nomination of Malemo Lafoia Tausaga as Director of Administrative Services is now  before the Fono for confirmation. This follows a letter from Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga to Fono leaders last week, stating that Malemo brings a wealth of qualifications to the position.


Malemo is a 1977 graduate in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska and upon returning home from school, he joined the government Tax Office in 1978.


In 1981 he joined the Budget Office and held positions of ever-increasing responsibility over the years, culminating in becoming Deputy Director of the Budget Office in 2003.


He was then tapped to be its Director from 2008 to 2012 (under the previous administration).


The appointee also serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Development Bank, including serving as Chairman of the DBAS board for the last three years. Governor Lolo pointed out that Malemo also has experience as a member of the Finance Committee of the Congregational Christian Church in the territory.


“Malemo’s experience in government, and specifically in business and financial management makes him an excellent candidate for the position of Director of Administrative Services.”


Attached to the letter sent to the Fono is a letter from the current Budget Office Director, Catherine Dora Saelua who noted that Malemo has proven leadership experiences not only in the government, community and village, but also in his church.


“Malemo is a humble public servant whose proven leadership experiences have stretched from strengthening the family responsibilities, leading positions in the church and community, to the many profound years of public service to the American Samoa Government.”


Mrs. Saelua expressed her utmost respect for Malemo — who served as Budget Director before her — as one who inspired an environment conducive to where the team’s sole responsibility is to provide the best service, with the best interest of the people at heart.


“Personally speaking, I believe Malemo holds the characteristics befitting a good leader, he possesses the integrity and conviction as he strives to do his best in serving our people… I sincerely hope he will be given the fair opportunity to continue serving our people in any capacity of your choosing within our government,” she concluded.


The Fono went on a three week break last Friday and will return on August 19, 2013.