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Aunuu residents begging govt officials for a seawall

Water rising in Aunu'u, American Samoa

Aunu'u, AMERICAN SAMOA — Pictured is the devastation this past weekend, when high surfs caused huge waves to make their way on to Aunu’u Island, flooding homes and raising panic.

Residents of Aunu’u are calling on government leaders to find a way to build a much needed seawall for the island, which was hit hard this past weekend when heavy rains, strong winds, and monstrous waves crashed on to people’s front yards, threatening their safety.

Social media has been buzzing with photographs and videos of what could have been a fatal weekend for some Aunu’u residents, who feared the worst when waves came crashing onto the their doorsteps.

“We need a sea wall!” exclaimed Aunuu resident Jolela Iuvale, who said she will continue to blast this message on social media until something is done. “Maybe next time this will kill half of Aunu’u’s people. Please, we need your help,” she wrote on a social media post.