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HAL — yet another delayed flight

Hawaiian Airlines had another delay in departure from Pago Pago to Honolulu. This time for the Monday night’s flight this week, which arrived on time, but had not departed as of yesterday late afternoon.

Hawaiian spokesperson Ann Botticelli said yesterday morning that the return flight to Honolulu is “delayed, unfortunately” but no other information was given for the delay.  The flight was then scheduled to depart Pago Pago yesterday around 1:15p.m.

However, yesterday afternoon Botticelli said the flight continues to be delayed. She explained that the issue is with an indicator light involving the air conditioning system.

On Monday, that light suggested a problem with one of the sides of the air condition system. “This is not something that we ignore,” she said adding that yesterday, the light indicator was not coming on, so the flight was boarded.

However, “then the light came on again, and so we deplaned the passengers and will continue working on the aircraft,” she said.

As of 4:10p.m. yesterday the plane was still on the ground and the flight not yet departed as Samoa News went to print.

“We will be accommodating all non-residents in hotels, and are providing a $300 travel credit to all who stay with out flight,” Botticelli said from Honolulu.

“In addition, passengers may make a one-time change without fees to any other Hawaiian flight within 14 days,” she explained. “We also will offer full refunds to those who elect not to fly.”

Hawaiian’s flight last week Monday (Dec. 18) was delayed due to bad weather at the time, and the flight last week Wednesday (Dec. 20), which was the extra section for the holiday, was delayed due to a “mechanical issue affecting a fuel indicator.” Both flights departed Pago Pago the afternoon of the following day.

Hawaiian’s flight last Friday night arrived and departed on time without any problems.