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Manu'a people piloting their own alias to bring cargo to their islands

Captain of an alia making its way at sea.
Source: Manu'atele Community Worldwide

Alia, AT SEA — Manu'a Community Worldwide Facebook page has posted a video showing how Manu'a people have rallied together on their own, sailing by alia boats to transport cargo and passengers from Tutuila to Manu'a. The alia boats travel in pairs or groups for safety reasons.

They have been making these trips since the Samoa Airways charter plane has been restricted by Governor Lolo for emergencies only. In addition, the MV Manu'atele and MV Sili have been inoperable for more than 3 months.

Paramount Builders vessel has been making trips to Manu'a Islands to help transport cargo, but most times the vessel capacity for cargo is too small for the high Manu'a demand. Another challenge is no one is allowed to hop a ride to Manu'a on the boat, thus forcing people to be transported via alia.

The Manu'a Community posted, "God keep your children safe wherever they travel and bless the men sailing back and forth, guide their eyes when out at sea and bring them home safely to their families. Amen."