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Dear Editor,

I would like to humbly thank our first responders and the private companies for there efforts post Cyclone GITA; and especially KHJ Radio for their great community outreach, when there was darkness, KHJ was our light.

I like many was not prepared for Gita. In the past we are pounded with warnings, location of emergency centers, what to do etc., this time nothing — very reminiscent of the cyclones of the 80s and 90s where no power meant no communication, but this is 2017.

Here are my questions:

Homeland Security/TEMCO had no back up power. Why not?

The Tafuna Weather Station had not back up power? Why not?

Where are the 6 emergency generators that were in the HS car park?

Where are the two mobile command centers (big brown trucks) that were in the HS car park?

Why was the emergency alert system not activated?

Just Asking?

Phil Love