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Dear Editor:

I for one have heard enough of the governments "REVENUE TASK FORCE" and their attempts to con, bully, and push the Fono into ramming several unneeded tax increases down our throats. These are the same people who are crying that a fifty cent per hour minimum wage increase will destroy the economy but it's fine to have these same wage earners give their meager earnings to ASG and for what? NOTHING!!

This government has had the feeling since its inception that they're purpose is to act as a hiring agency, not a service provider. First, to build a voting base and believing it's their responsibility to provide jobs. This present administration has taken this philosophy to new heights. I doubt if they even know how many people are on their payroll. It has finally reached the point where their personnel cost has exceeded 100% of their budget.  It doesn't matter how much additional  revenue is generated through these tax measures, none of it will go to improving services. It will just be used to hire more people!!

A perfect example is ASPA. The CEO ran the governments best operation with roughly 250 personnel. They now have doubled their personnel, have raised all of their rates less electricity for the past five years in a row and what has change, NOTHING except double the personnel and salary increases.

The true answer to their financial woes does not lie in task forces or tax increases but in a REDUCTION IN FORCE. IF they laid off half the personnel now hired they still would have twice as many people as they need and monies up the ying-yang to maybe provide a phonebook or issue a drivers license, repair a road or provide students a desk, but don't bet on it!!

Jim Brittle