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June 2018

Iulogologo: it’s too early to comment on policy changes

American Samoa Government Executive Office Building

It is premature to comment at this point on potential policies until data is collected first and information from various ASG agencies regarding employees who have worked 30 years or more in government is analyzed, says the governor’s executive assistant Iulogologo Joseph Pereira. “We are trying to collect the data first from which we will develop the appropriate policy which might incentivize retirement for those employees eligible for retirement and possible reduction of government cost,” said Iulogologo yesterday responding to Samoa News inquiries.

Father of Tinian Toese bares his heart after his daughter’s drowning

Grieving parents of Tinian Makewijere Tuileto’a Toese, Sililo and Winnie Tuileto’a Toese

The father of Tinian Makewijere Tuileto’a Toese broke his silence yesterday morning saying that he was hurt by some of the statements made by teachers from the Pava’ia’i Elementary School, regarding the tragic incident that led to the death of his daughter last week. Dept of Education performs ifoga but according to Toese, the extended family accepted the ifoga because their family feels that it is part of a Christian life to forgive and forget the past. However, the fine mat and the monetary gifts were given back to the school — to take back with them.

Manu’a Faipule Toeaina in court for failure to comply — could face contempt

An Order to Show Cause (OSC) hearing was called before the Land and Title Division of the High Court of American Samoa yesterday morning, in the matter between “Matt Toeaina Le’i and Albert Toeaina for themselves and Toeaina communal family Ofu, Manu’a (plaintiff), against Toeaina Faufano Autele, as a senior matai of Toeaina communal family (defendant).”

Man charged with rape and molestation of young girl, ready to plead

Ioakimo Felise, who is still in custody since the time of his arrest in April of this year, appeared before the High Court yesterday morning for his second pretrial conference. When his case was called, his attorney, Acting Public Defender, Michael White informed the court that they had received discovery and an offer from the government last week about this case, and his client is prepared to enter a guilty plea to the charges against him.